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Natural Boat and Marine Wash 1L


Platinum Green’s Boat & Marine Wash is a highly effective product that is a safer option for the environment and does not contain toxic chemicals. This concentrate contains surface active agents and protective coatings that inhibit rust and prevent corrosion. This is the perfect product to use in outdoor, salty and marine environments.

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Platinum Green's Natural Boat and Marine Wash is:

  • Highly effective;
  • Made from natural organic products;
  • Biodegradable;
  • Non-corrosive;
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors;
  • Safe to use on painted surfaces;
  • Shines and protects;
  • Safe for skin contact; and
  • Australian made.

Platinum Green products are made from safe, natural and organic ingredients that reduce toxic chemical impacts to fresh and marine waters and eco-systems within.


Dilute the concentrate in a bucket. Apply to surfaces with a sponge or washing brush. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing off to allow the anti-corrosive properties to develop.

TIP: For heavily greased surfaces add 1:60 (product:water) of Platinum Green Degreaser to the diluted concentrate for a finer finish.