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Natural Degreaser 1L


Platinum Green’s Degreaser is chemical free, non-flammable and safer for users and the environment than traditional degreasing products. It is suitable for use on engines, machinery, mining equipment, marine vessels and equipment, concrete, workshop floors and kitchen appliances.

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Platinum Green's degreaser:

  • Is highly effective;
  • Cuts through thick, heavy grease;
  • Is super concentrate for cost efficiency;
  • Is made from natural organic products;
  • Is biodegradable;
  • Is made from sustainable ingredients;
  • Is environmentally friendly;
  • Is gentle on skin; and
  • Is Australian made.

Platinum Green products are made from safe, natural and organic ingredients that reduce toxic chemical impacts to receiving environments, soils and waterways. 

This product is natural, chemical free and non-flammable making it a safer product to use in the workplace and in non-ventilated spaces. 


Instructions: Dilute the product 1:60 (product:water) for general cleaning or 1:30 (product:water) for heavy grease. Apply to greased areas, leave in place for a few minutes before wiping and rinsing off with water.